Learning was easy when copying others, but did it help?
You did not make choices alone! Someone decided for you!
Disciplines killed your creativity! Can you sing, draw etc?
Your assessments are out of date. Modernize!

Our natural inborn instinct at birth was to copy everything we see, stimulated by various expressions on our peers, parents, grandparents and those we meet throughout life.

While you were busy processing what you felt, you were making your primary beliefs that all that you see is true. Of course, now you are older, life changes and you are forced to adapt and change! But the fear of change itself holds you back. This is the time to see yourself in a new light. You are not who you think you are. I can help you find out just who you really are. For a start, enjoy my books: Discover Your Baby’s Spirit and The Rejection Syndrome. You will be amazed how different you feel when you know about your Soul Structure Coding, DNA & RNA and how to be master of your choices.

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