Meditation allows healing of mind, body and spirit. 
Though many think this is a new idea, few truly understand the significance of allowing yourself to relax the mind. It releases tension and stress. In the quiet zone of the mind, meditation allows the body to release energy from the muscles and nerves of the body. While relaxing in this way, the emotional trauma of life is slowly released, usually allowing a person to fall asleep and later to awaken refreshed.
During this light meditation, the brain shifts through daily activities deciding which aspects are lessons learned and which lessons need exploring further. What follows are dreams that often can vary in depth, length and message. Meditation allows an individual to relax into an Alpha State where the brain can shift into spiritual awareness of self, our individual purpose, while also giving us spiritual answers and direction when wide awake later.
I was fortunate throughout my life to learn meditations from my Ascended Master Teacher Spirit Guides, who led me through various meditations which I eventually published in USA & India called 50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations that is still available today after selling thousands of copies world-wide since 1993. Since then, many have studied with me and have come to know the truth about self through continual discipline and practice.
Meditation is not easy to master. It takes practice and a great deal of training of the mind to stop thinking about issues that occur on a daily basis. It is hard for the conscious mind to surrender control and trust the inner divine spirit of self, but the inner spirit has all the answers locked away in the deep-subconscious where ones Soul Coding from DNA & RNA are accessible. In a state of inner peace. Various ideas flow, bringing forward a deep sense of Divine Presence from Spirit Guides, God and the love of self and others.
Finding a quiet place, with no interference is important. Always switch off electrical equipment such as phones and computes. Set the room with a soft light, a warm candle or two, burn incense too if you so choose, and make an area that is comfortable for you to sit either in a chair or in a prone position where you will be able to focus on a simple relaxation to start. Loose clothing is advisable, since anything tight can become distracting. Many people feel blocked as soon as they try and immediately give up. I suggest they learn to over-ride any panic and breathe deeply until the brain relaxes. Then attune to God in your own way, asking for protection from interruptions and surrender to yourself and The Oneness.
Waiting for inspiration can be hard. Patience and trust in self becomes very important as you allow your conscious, subconscious and deep-subconscious minds to blend. Once in a complete state of harmony in mind, the body will release tensions, stress and begin to rejuvenate. Little twitches, pricks, and odd pains will manifest as you let go of history, turmoil and worry. Then a stillness follows and with patience in a deep space of awareness, images will come. Each image is a symbol and within it are messages to help you make choices and be more confident in the future when wide awake.
With the use of your psychic senses and your five physical senses you will begin to clarify your messages and when completely at ease, knowing without a shadow of doubt, that you have truthful answers and direction with likely plans to start very soon. Upon awakening from your meditation, write down in a book all that you remember. Do not worry about the meaning. Just describe your journey. At a later time, you can come back to your words and once again contemplate their meaning, even going back into meditation again to expand on what you have learned so far.
For someone who is used to meditation, it becomes a way of life. I personally meditate each night to release the hassles of the day just lived, accept the lessons I have learned, and then give myself input to prepare for the following day. Usually, when I awaken in the morning, I find answers arising as i work through the day.
It takes some time for meditation to become a necessary habit, but in time that habit becomes a time of rejuvenation and revelations about one’s life are revealed. You can then truly feel you are at peace and in accord with The Oneness as well as having a healthy outlook on life, where fear, pain, anger and guilt rarely bother you unless there is still some lesson to be learned.
Over the years, I have taught so many to relax and meditate, and did find that the more I used self-hypnosis, I could go deeper into my meditations. As a result, I made several recordings which I have sold and freely shared from time to time.
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