Is Alternative Medicine Hocus-Pocus?

Have you seen Pharmaceutical products ads lately? Some of the many side effects can cause serious illnesses, or even death. You’ll be happy to know there is an alternative.

While we clearly need Medical Doctors, practitioners, psychiatrists and psychologists, we also need to be open to proven, successful therapies outside of traditional medicine. Natural and non-invasive therapy does work. For example, Crystal Acupuncture and Teragram Therapy have been proven to improve and even cure people of maladies of the mind and body.

The tools and therapies I teach have been proven effective time and time again. With insight, spiritual counseling and practical advice, my students and patients have always successfully healed themselves.

I have been recognized for my research and studies and traveled to different countries to lecture and teach. With this Corona Virus now rampant and people dying, it is important we begin to realize that their are natural cures available. For example, Colloidal Silver has been proven to kill viruses. Taken orally, with distilled water, Colloidal Silver could clean the body of bacteria, correct the imbalance of flora and forma, and allow the body to re-balance. With the added natural biochemical pro-biotics replaced, a healthy body is the result. Meditation can play a big role in healing too. For information about my 15 books, see or

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