About Dr. Margaret

I grew up wanting to heal the world from the pain, anger, fear, anxiety, and losses of war time. As the years passed, I became an International teacher, lecturer and Key Note speaker at various events in European countries, Egypt, India, Peru, The USA, and Japan. 

My background includes the study of nursing, psychology, psychiatry, creative arts, music, anatomy, physiology, and the religions of the world.  I have written many books and I hope to also share what I’ve taught through a variety of lectures, seminars, workshops and on-line courses. 

I have developed many therapies.  Crystal Acupuncture, Teragram Therapy, TrinityStone Healing and STT (Sensory Touch Therapy) are all registered sales messages of Sumaris Center. I invite you to come and learn with me. 

Small Medium at Large

When I was about eight years old, I wished for a world without so many rules. I wanted to see mixed marriage and the harmony of various religions. I love to watch fairies and gnomes or elves darting around the trees and flowers noticing how they loved to be together. Since my family was unstable, and our history wrapped in the culture of my forefathers who were royal and leaders of UK, I was exposed to class distinction and behavior. I was not a happy camper with all the imposed rules and conditions as to how a lady should behave. I was a rebel and I had a cause. I spoke to everyone, asked questions, showed an interest in their issues and problems and slowly learned as I matured into adulthood that I could make a difference as a Medium and Healer. 

In UK I was well-known for these abilities and made it my purpose to teach many how to become psychic and heal themselves. Still later I trained psychics to become Mediums and teachers themselves. As I evolved, the work I taught grew deeper. Today I have many courses that include five levels, with written tests and practical exams that set a high standard of education in anything I teach. I am available to teach anyone who asks for help, whether for personal reasons, or to become a lecturer and teacher themselves. It is my deepest desire to do what I came to do, which is to build a University of all Metaphysical Topics, where doctors, nurses, therapist and others can research alternative ways of healing along with allopathic treatments and surgery when absolutely necessary. I can show you how to heal yourself of  disease and avoid surgery and many pills. In this modern day and age with so much research going on, we should be able to integrate these facets into our education systems, where no one specializes but instead deals with healing the whole person in mind, body, emotions, spirit and working with the DNA & RNA along with the Soul Structure Coding that makes each one of us unique.  


In my early teenager years I found a great deal of comradery amongst people of all ages.  WWII taught us to appreciate what we had and to take care of our possessions and when something was no longer needed, we learned to pass it on to someone who would appreciate it. 

I can be there for you to help you with your problems. In a private session, face-to-face on-line, I can channel, guide and inspire you to deal with your issues and to come up with your new ways to get what you most desire.

If you are at a loss to know what to do, then we will address the issue with the help of your Spirit Guide(s) to assist you to enjoy making the changes that will lead to your success later. It should always be remembered that none of us are alone. We all have angels watching over us. I will be happy to answer all your questions whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

My way of working with you will be unique to you only. No two people view this world through the same eyes or listen to dialogue with the same thoughts. Some may judge appearances while others may demonstrate action by their appearances. Yes, we all rely heavily upon others input, when we should truly listen to ourselves and follow our intuitive instinct to do what is write for self. I learned this lesson the hard way by not listening and followed others advice only to find myself lost. If you are lost, let me help you find your own answers. No one will be turned away.