Counseling Course for Coaches 

You are invited to study psychology, psychiatry, and various techniques of Hypnosis and Counseling.

This course consists of:

  • Communication: All aspects of body, mind, emotions & spirit
  • Various states of mind – categories of mental illness.
  • Pioneers in the past: Various pioneers explained 
  • PTSD, OC, Turret’s Syndrome and other serious illnesses.
  • How to transform thought from negative to indifference or positive traits
  • Timing and pacing at client’s direction
  • Staying in control and self-preservation

Each of these courses will take 10 days to complete with homework.

Each course will include talks with Professor Margaret as well as videos to watch and essays to write. Upon each completed level, students will receive a certificate of completion. Upon completion of the whole course, Students will receive a Diploma from Sumaris Education Center,  which is founded under Universal Christ Church.

Certification is valid and accredited. The more advanced the course, the more practice will be needed. Some courses require meeting with Professor Margaret to gather experience and practice exercises to expound their talents and skills. Professor Margaret relies on her students to request physical practical workshops to ensure their skills and practices.