Dealing with Fear, Pain, Anger, and Loss Courses

Fear: Understand how simple fearful moments can be stored subliminally in your body to cause a silent change that results in restriction of the flows of energy. In this course you’ll be introduced to the Five Bodies: Physical, Etheric, Spirit, Higher Mind & Soul that make up the entire aura of an individual.  You’ll learn how chronic fear results in physical, emotional and mental deterioration of the body.

Dr. Margaret will explain and offer alternative ways to release your fears, which will result in a more comfortable point of view in living your life. In this one hour class, she will explain how thinking positively, even when things are appearing bad, to transform negative ideas into positive one.

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Pain: In this talk you will learn how various movements throughout your life have been stored in your brain, causing you to repeat habits that affect the way you walk, express yourself in body language, history of falling, or scraping self in harmful, even bloody ways as well as mindsets of tension, stress, depression as well as early childhood disciplines you have long forgotten. Dr Margaret will explain how the brain works to deal with pain and in this lecture will share some techniques to easy pain or even make it go away with her ease to do hypnosis exercises that students will receive as a download for free.

Anger: People get angry for no apparent reason. On a conscious level, listening and responding to conversations can develop into a row. So, what is it that makes you become enraged? Dr. Margaret will explain the importance of free-will in dealing with family issues from birth to current. She will outline cycles of development from childhood to early adulthood in which submissive training has caused a person to resist and resent elders, peers and self when in a state of low-self-esteem, worth and value. Dr. Margaret will give participants an opportunity to work with their own issues by introducing various simple exercises to stay calm and people using the five physical senses to release anger from the cellular-neuro-musucal-memory of the body.

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Guilt: Everyone feels guilty about something.  In this talk, Dr. Margaret will address the variety of ways that we, as children, are made to believe we have done wrong. She will also share how we can easily induce a sense of consciousness after an episode that causes us to review our behavior and to sense our supposed wrong doing as a terrible occurrence that calls for a regret and hope to apologize. The question here, is does the apology help? She will lead participants to understand the difference between the conscious, subconscious, and deep-subconscious aspects of the mind. Knowing how your process your thoughts will assist you to stay calm and peaceful.

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Loss: The loss of an item or a person by death, can be traumatic to say the least. But, what about all those minor losses that add up over time that cause you to feel you are a failure? Dr. Margaret will discuss how early infancy from mother as well as attendance to kindergarten and first school is set up to give and take.  In this talk, Dr. Margaret will outline many types of issues where those early years have been influenced to control your habits and routines which in most cases are now obsolete, yet still believed. Letting go of the past and moving on will be the focus in a short hypnosis relaxation at the end of this talk.

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Future Courses

Weight Issues: This seminar will focus on teaching how to lose weight mentally and physically, while overcoming desires to overeat, or to be bulimic or anorexic. Dr. Margaret will involve students in Q & A exercises to work with students to understand how their mind and fearful emotions have caused them to often over years expand and contract the body in sizes. She will address menopause and diet according to the focus on losing or gaining weight. She will also address the importance of the Spleen Chakra that runs through the Liver, Pancreas and Spleen as well as it ability to heal or negatively affect the lungs, kidneys, glandular system and lymphatics resulting in asthma, allergies and more serious complaints. 

Sleep Issues: The position you turn to fall asleep in is likely to have evolved during your pre-adolescence when siblings or parents have disturbed your sleep. Equally annoying in early youth is hospitalization routines that disturb sleep. Add to that one’s life with happenings where worry, distress, physical stress from accidents and so much more are encoded into the body, creating issues, like irritable syndrome just when you want to relax, or Restless leg syndrome, that is the result of mental memories in trying to achieve goals unsuccessfully. There are many reason’s why we have issues about sleeping. Dr. Margaret will explain fully the anatomical aspects of the sleep process and how the brain works producing melatonin and other symbiotic actions towards inducing sleep states throughout the night. She will also, with your permission hypnotize you online and give you a download free meditation from her book 50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations to help you relax and sleep naturally. Q & A is invited.

Relationship Issues: In one family alone, if there are only two children, there are between the four people combination relationships, i.e. mother and one child, mother and two children, father with one child, father with two children just to begin the examples. Dr. Margaret will discuss the various relationships in a family, the interactions that can cause discord, disharmony and disruptions to all relationships, however loving they are purported to be. In this A & Q Symposium, students will be invited to present a short version of their issue to give Dr. Margaret insights as to the problems of her listening students. Where possible, she will give advice in general as to how to deal with hardship relationships, or how to leave a dysfunctional one. So many women and men stay in harmful relationships that cause them to become suicidal. This deep reach into the psyche of individuals is relative to all relationships under the banner of “I am not loved!” Learn how to love yourself and stand alone to receive the right kind of love when needed. Emphasis will ultimately be on loving self without judgment.

Birth Issues: Whether a child is born naturally, or not, there is a strong influence in the way a child is delivered. Following that birth, the next 24 hours are vital to the stimulation of the infants’ brain patterns. Dr. Margaret will explain the working of the brain in an infant. This will take the students into an awareness of their Spirit-self, their need to live life to the full, and the education received with results good or bad. We will look at issues that are common in rearing a child that are out of date and detrimental to the child’s psyche along with mis-informed information as the child matures into adulthood. Dr Margaret will then discuss participant’s issues when shared. This symposium is designed to help students break away from wrong beliefs that have either been justified in the younger years or later in life relative to various work, home and society expectations where their individual rules have caused further anxiety, failure etc.

PTSD: Most think of this disorder as a result of war, fire, accidents where harm is done to the body and then to the psyche. Actually, some children are born with PTSD. Here we take a long look at the way the brain works to creates stress, marking fear of life as a real aspect on a daily basis. Dr. Margaret will explain the psychology of how the brain commands the body to obey, while relying on past history to make decision. This illness is where a person is able to hypnotize themselves to relive the past and to tell self that the memories are important and will never cease. PTSD is a post-psychological trauma arising from what could be a very minor event. The brain enlarges and expands issues, resulting in terror which can drive some to suicide. This symposium will focus on several techniques in hypnosis to calm the mind, delete the memory or park it in a part of the brain where it can be referred to for reassessment of self and the life to live. This first session will be open for students to enroll in a private session with Dr. Margaret or Janet Kira Lessin.

Paranormal Issues: This symposium will be focused on the five senses and the spiritual senses. Participants will be introduced to the instinctive survival mode that protects self from harm. From there, Dr. Margaret will share her wisdom about the use of Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience (Smell and taste), Spirit Guides, The Astral and messages from The Oneness. This interactive symposium will be open for Q & A and a few practice exercises for students to try. This is the door-opener for students who would like to take Dr. Margaret’s course on Psychic Development – Level I certification course leading to further workshop practices, homework and finally a Diploma in the ability to read self and others with quality messages given without fear of being wrong.

ET’s Experiencers: Many people have had dreams of aliens, of being lifted and moved to spaceships. Some have had stranger experiences that cannot be explained. Dr. Margaret will talk about some of her many encounters as will Janet Kira Lessin who will join her in this symposium to help those who are in fear of alien encounters; cannot sleep; feel terror etc. We will be teaching how to accept those encounters as precious and unique as well as how those strange sensations of past, present and futures aspects are often sensed if not understood. This Symposium promises to be insightful and intriguing too. We will have some participants quickly give a short experience of their own so that we can clarify and assist in dealing with fears, anxieties etc. or to share more enlightened encounters that will help others to move on with their stores.

ABUSE: sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual issues: Abuse can come in many forms from a look to a word beyond any physical harm. We each react and interact with one another according to our DN & RNA programing. Dr. Margaret will discuss the various ways that man or woman can be abused. We will look at sexual issues, both abused by self and others; mental abuse caused by past experiences as well as self-destruction issues. On a spiritual level, Dr. Margaret will introduce the many ways religion, faith, hope and charity have been misused under the guise of counseling and coaching. Often abuse is passed around from groups who cause harm by gossip and shared so-called evidence. There is much to discuss in the very big topic where every individual has at some time been accosted or abused as a result of another’s insecurities and general mis-demeanors.

Death Issues: Whenever a person or animal within a family passes over, it can be a great shock to those who survive. Shock is an extremely emotional hypnotic moment when a variety of emotions arise, leaving a person with a sense of helplessness. Dr. Margaret will share how to deal with loss and to cope with the toils of arranging funerals and various other events that may or may not be in accord with their true feelings. When a person or animal passes, we immediately identify with our own potential time of death. Some even become obsessive about every aspect of their life, in the hope of being in control to prevent death. Dr. Margaret will share her insights on this topic and will give simple things to do in managing a loss of any kind, whether it be a person or item, even a place of work or home. Learn how to transform negative beliefs into positive motivations to succeed.

Serious illness & Diseases: In most cases serious illness and diseases arise out of an imbalance in the glandular system, following a shock, malady, quarrel and other emotional traumas that can lead to PTSD. Dr. Margaret will explain the various illnesses that cause the Aura to shrink and become deformed as a result of negative emotional and mental thinking about self and those each encounters. This talk will lay emphasis on psychological education, learned negativity induced in early life, history of ancestors relative to disease and how their DNA lies dormant until their patterns are repeated in family traditions. She will also discuss how RNA can induce maladies that end in serious illnesses like cancer and other devastating diseases and illnesses of the mind.

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